Balíček obchodní angličtiny (Business Simulation) – Řízení lidských zdrojů


Take part in our Business English Package (Business Simulation) – Human Resources Management and become better professional!

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Balíček obchodní angličtiny (Business Simulation) – Řízení lidských zdrojů 

You see yourself working with people, e.g. in HR? Or maybe as a Project Manager? Read about our new package!

Balíček obchodní angličtiny (Business Simulation) – Řízení lidských zdrojů will provide you with comprehensive, multi-stimulus and original Business English learning and practical knowledge of management.


Who is the Business English Package (Business Simulation) – Human Resources Management aimed at?

Professionals who want to learn how to effectively manage a group of employees, especially:

– Project managers

– Team leaders/team managers

– Entrepreneurs


Bank employees, especially branch directors who want to:

– manage your staff to maximize value for your division

– use financial tools and other performance indicators to make the right business decisions

– satisfy employees and customers


Náš Balíček obchodní angličtiny (Business Simulation) – Řízení lidských zdrojů includes the following topics:

  • company strategy
  • operational activities
  • vedení


Framework course program

Existují 2 different simulations v Balíček obchodní angličtiny (Business Simulation) – Řízení lidských zdrojů


1. Vedení

In this simulation, you’ll be responsible for managing a team to create an online platform for selling tickets for sports events.

The module will cover the following topics:

  • Recruitment of employees: how to choose the right candidates for positions?
  • Managerial skills: what is situational leadership and why is it important?
  • How to manage staffing challenges?
  • Managing project deadlines and challenges.

Your challenge

In this simulation you will have to prepare a presentation for potential investors.


2. Bankovnictví

This simulation will help you to better understand the role of a branch manager in a bank and give you practical knowledge in making strategic and operational decisions in a branch.

You can make decisions in three main areas:

  • Review your department’s performance metrics. Get to know your colleagues and check their activity. This will allow you to understand what you can expect from each of them.
  • After reading the reports and reviewing the operation of the branch, consider what elements of operation you want to change (e.g. strengthen the sales activity of some products, improve the average time of handling certain activities, etc.).
  • Decide which employee should focus on which activity, what he should spend the most time on and in which sales areas he should act.

Manage your bank branch: make sure you meet sales targets, meet customer expectations and keep your staff motivated.

In this simulation, your challenge will be to achieve the best sales results. The satisfaction of employees and your customers will also be key here. The weighted average of these metrics will determine your overall performance.


The Cambridge School Online Business English Course:

Projekt Online kurz obchodní angličtiny Cambridge School is designed to improve learners’ proficiency in the language while developing their business skills. This course is taught by experienced teachers specializing in teaching English to professionals. The course is divided into three levels, each covering various aspects of business English communication such as business writing, presentation skills, negotiations, and cross-cultural communication. The course materials are practical, enabling learners to apply what they learn in real-life business situations. This course includes a range of interactive exercises and simulations that enable learners to practice their skills in a simulated business environment.


Kombinace balíčku EDUardo Business Simulation s online kurzem obchodní angličtiny Cambridge School:

Kombinace balíčku EDUardo Business Simulation s Cambridge škola online Obchodní angličtina kurs provides learners with a powerful learning experience. This combination enables learners to improve their language proficiency while developing practical business skills. The simulations offer learners the opportunity to apply their language skills in real-life business situations, while the course materials provide learners with the language and communication skills necessary to succeed in a business context. Additionally, personalized feedback from experienced teachers can help learners identify areas that require additional attention, enabling them to improve their skills more effectively.


In conclusion, combining a business simulation with business English lessons is a comprehensive and innovative approach to developing business skills and language proficiency. The EDUardo Business Simulation package and the Cambridge School Online Kurz obchodní angličtiny offer a powerful learning experience that can help learners succeed in a global business environment.